Victory Assemblies of God International School is situated in Akim Achiase, a small town in Ghana's Eastern Region, around 130km from the capital, Accra. Click here for a map.

We raised £2,228 to fund the construction of a new classroom block, with two kindergarten classrooms and an office. Construction of this building is currently in progress.

Unfortunately, this venture has not been without difficulties. Our initial fundraising target was raised from £1,500 to £2,000 as in May 2013 construction at the VAGIS project halted due to an unforeseeable event. The ageing school bus which transports over 70 children to and from VAGIS every day was in an accident and had to be replaced. Money from the Support Ghana fund was diverted to this vital cause.

  Projects 1
Projects 2   Without this bus many children would not have been able to get to school and consequently not receive the education they deserve. Following this unfortunate incident we had to heighten our fundraising efforts in order to ensure that the project reaches completion. Construction of the classroom block has now recommenced.

The picture above shows the Kindergarten 1 class, with over 80 children ranging from three to six years old (depending on when they were placed into school).

On the left is the classroom block we are funding the completion of using the money raised, shown as it was in June 2012.